Week 9 Final Post

If I were to meet an untimely end, I would want to have all of my social media accounts deleted after my family has kept all of the photos, videos and posts in a file in the family computer they can look at whenever they want. After that, I would want them to create a memorial page for my death, where people can post the memories that they shared with me and celebrate the life I had, as I wouldn’t want people to be sad about my passing. I would want my family and close friends to still have the photos and videos in a file so they can still remember me by it. As for my email, there is really nothing special on it so I would like to have that deleted. All of this deleted by family of course. I wouldn’t want other people that I don’t know seeing my photos and videos. For my memorial page on Facebook I would want it to be run by my parents or brother. It doesn’t matter to me how long it is run for.

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