Week 6 Initial Post

Is twitter or Facebook making traditional advertising obsolete? Yes, I think that traditional advertising is becoming obsolete is because of social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. The main reason that traditional advertising isn’t as strong as it was is because sites like twitter and Facebook have millions of people that have created profiles and have what they like and don’t like and that is gold for businesses. I like soccer so a lot of times I get ads for cleats and soccer jerseys on the side of the page that catch my attention. Your more likely to have people click on side page ads when they say on their profile they like your business or products than making a commercial hoping your reaching people that like your products. Businesses now make so much more money due to the fact that they have ads for every single person on twitter or Facebook that likes soccer. As long as people have profiles and go on their social media websites as often as they do now, traditional advertising will never reach online advertising.

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