Week 5 Initial Post

After reading the article about the language and thoughts of the Chinese Internet, it showed me   I think when the web was rising as fast as it was in China in the mid to late 2000’s, the government could not control how quickly things spread across the internet and it surprised them. They tried to put restrictions on there so nobody would find out about things but it didn’t work. Take the train incident for example, in 2011, due to a train accident, 40 people died and 200 had been injured and the Chinese government tried to hide it. This also had people that knew the truth go on a rampage and millions of people were making more and more blogs each day about how the government had buried the train cars in order to destroy the evidence. With this being said I think the government is obviously strong but in cases like these, its the people and internet that will figure out why people and their government is trying to hide these things.

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