Week 4 Initial Post

How does gender influence a person’s online identity? Obviously, there is a big difference between the way a male and female use their identity on social media websites. Whenever you create a profile for yourself, you usually have to give information about yourself. Things such as what you like, what you don’t like, what you like to do and so on and so forth. For guys, if you like nike shoes, there is a good chance your gonna see an add on the side for nike shoes. If your a girl, your most likely gonna like whatever is in style for that season and obviously there is going to be adds on the side and incentives to get you to buy the product. As far as the personal identity goes, I think people create fake profiles because they are interested in knowing what its like and how they feel about being opposite of what they are. Girls a lot of the time get harassed on social media a lot more than guys do, but guys tend to get in more fights over who is the better sports team and what not. So if there is a girl who has been harassed on social media and wants to change their online identity, why not change it to male? There would not be as much harassing and the girl doesn’t have to deal with liking sports if she doesn’t want too. It is something to seriously consider because nowadays your gender plays a big role in society.

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