Week 4 Final Post

How is gender blurred online? I think that people blur their own genders online because it helps them get closer to what they want. Take Manti T’eo for example, he thought his girlfriend was real online. Just because there are pictures of  girl doesn’t mean its actually her! They dated for over 2 years before she “died” and when he found out that she was never real and it was a guy behind the scenes doing it all along, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. So gender can easily be blurred online because people can really believe what you post. In my opinion, I do not think people should be blurring out their own gender. I do not care what gender people are and I think they should be proud of who are what they are and not try to hide it over the internet. That’s part of the problem with the internet and these fake identities. Nobody knows what to believe anymore, especially after the Manti T’eo incident.

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