Week 3 Initial Post

After reading the article What Trolls Can Teach Us About Race, I was very surprised about what some people do on the Internet. The fact that someone who is racist will get online and create a profile anonymously and pretend to be a different race of someone they actually hate is just mind boggling. Obviously, doing this is not acceptable, but if no ones knows what you are doing anonymously does that make it ok to some of these people? Is that why they do it? It is definitely a question we have to address to people who are secretly doing it. I think if people are going to have an online profile, they should give nothing but the truth about who they really are. Sooner or later there will be too many people on the internet with fake profiles just to troll people, making racist comments just to make people frustrated and mad. It is once again something that needs to be addressed.

Michael Corey

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