Week 2 Initial Post

If I were eighteen during the year 1705, one way I would try to create my identity and be well known within the community by traveling overseas by boat with a crew and supplies to help the people that had arrived in America only one hundred years before. Most likely I would be doing hard labor once I got there and would be hoping to be a farmer and create something so popular like John Rolfe and his tobacco. It would be very hard to create an identity when there is no form of quick communication besides just talking to someone.

One hundred years later if I was the same age, I would try to travel west to explore the land Thomas Jefferson purchased in the Louisiana Purchase. If not, I think I still would be doing hard labor working on farming and working in whatever the family business whether it was being blacksmith, farmer, or etc..

If I were eighteen in 1905 things would be a little bit different. How I would create my identity then would be working on the automobiles for Henry Ford on the assembly line. At this point and time technology was getting advanced with the inventions of cars, radio, etc.. It still would be hard to create one without the invention of social media, but there would be a quick form of communication because of the radio invention.

If I was the same age 10 years ago, I think creating an identity would be very similar to that of 2005. Facebook was just starting to get really popular as was myspace. So creating an identity then would be as simple as it is now by just logging on the website and creating an account. Now looking back and thinking that if I had actually been eighteen by in the time of 1705, 1805 and 1905 things would be a lot harder than they are today and for that I’m thankful!

Michael Corey

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