Week 2 Final Post

In the beginning of the first article Selling Your Self, it first summarizes how we create our own identities and who we are behind the computer. Whether your the type of person to tell the truth about your identity or we are just a hacker with a fake profile ready to get information about a certain person. That is why websites like amazon.com and eBay.com ask for your personal information when buying items off of their website. With some websites you might be a little skeptical of giving your card information to them just because they are not a “trusted” website people still go ahead and do it anyways because now the internet has become so much of what we do that we are too lazy to go out and buy it ourselves. It also means once we have created an identity online it is forever on there and will be with you not only on that specific website, but on other ones as well.

In the second article, it talks about the creation and ideas of social networking sites and how it grew to be as big as it is today. It tells us that even when your private and/or “friends only,” people can still get your information online. It then starts to talk about all of the websites before there was a Facebook or twitter and how they all had the ideas but failed. It was quite interesting to me because you would think the big social media networks today were the first networks out there but they weren’t! Now social media is a huge part in our society and it keeps growing. Whether people think its a good or bad thing for the world, it has helped us reach new levels of technology we never thought we could achieve.

The last article talked about how we have been painting a picture for ourselves even before social networking sites were created. Before social media was a thing it was just words and text and that was how people self-represented themselves. Today instead of spending hours painting a self portrait, we can take a selfie with just the click of a button and in just a matter of seconds you can post it online for hundreds of other people to see. It is quite mind blowing when you think of how easy it is to do these things now and that we can thank social media for.

Michael Corey


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