Week 14 Initial Post

Believe it or not Justin Bieber started out as an internet celebrity. In his younger years he learned how to play multiple instruments. He would make covers of songs and his mother would post the songs on YouTube. As he became an internet sensation, celebrities and musicians began looking at him and were interested in signing Bieber. It was believed Justin Timberlake was outbid by Usher for the Bieber’s signature and was signed by RBMG. In 2010, he dropped his first album My World 2.0, which had a hit songs called “Baby” which is one of the few songs to have over a billions views on YouTube. In 2012, he had another album called Believe, which was also another big hit. Even when his first album came out he was one of the most popular celebrities of our generation. Recently, he dropped his album Purpose which has had a couple huge hits. Bieber has broken multiple records for number 1 singles for his age and there is no sign of him stopping anytime soon. It is crazy to think how the internet can change a persons life for good.

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