Week 13 Final Post

Does the deep web cause people to do bad things? I believe the use of it does cause people to do bad things. The reason for the deep web is because people want to sell things without the government behind their backs watching what they buy or sell. This maybe just because they don’t like it, but I know people who use it are using for illegal things such as drugs, guns and other dangerous items that cannot be sold on the regular internet. Now, obviously we can’t find out who, what and where people are buying these products from but thats why people use it. It is said that the deep web has 400 to 500 million more sites that the surface web which you would think most people use. I have never been on the deep web and probably will never need to, but it is a fascinating thing and now probably makes people curious as to what it is like. Like I said earlier, although it is a cool thing, it is not used appropriately and that is why it will cause people to do bad things. People are selling items that people can use to do bad things without anyone knowing.

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