Week 12 Final Post

Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor? I believe Edward Snowden is a traitor. He was the one who did not listen to the governments commands and broke there trust. Now, a lot of people believe he is a hero because he showed us what the government is doing to us behind our backs and not telling us, but I believe what we know cannot hurt us. Now that we do know, people hate the government and think they are invading our privacy, which they are. However, there is a reason why Edward Snowden is not allowed in the US for the rest of his life. He worked for the NSA and violated the Espionage Act while also being a theft of government property. Although he now lives in Russia, he gives interviews every now and then with reporters giving people tips on how to not leak their own private information to hackers. While he is trying to be a help and let people know that their information can be hacked anywhere or anytime without the correct security, he will always be remembers as a traitor to the NSA and the US Government.

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