Week 10 Initial Post

Who is more valuable in a social network, male users or women users? Women users are definitely more valuable to a social network because there are more women on the site than there are men. According to the chart in Neil Patel’s article, 76% of women are on social media compared to 72% of men. As for mobile usage, women almost double the men with 69% of women using social media on their phones and only 39% usage for men. It also states that men have more usage in business sites like LinkedIn, gmail, and youtube while women have more usage in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Women also have more than 100 posts per minute than men do. The more women there are on social media sites, the more advertising companies for women there are which is why they are more valuable to social media.

Source: http://www.quicksprout.com/2014/10/01/who-is-more-active-on-social-media-men-or-women/?display=wide

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