Week 10 Final Post

Google glass is a technology prototype that came out in January 2013. It is used to connect to the internet easily with voice communication and nothing else. It also can be used for facial recognition and figuring out who people are by just looking at them as the glasses do all of the work. You can get directions, take photos, check emails and social networking accounts. It can also direct you to the persons social network account using the facial recognition. While this technology may come in handy, people are really worried about their privacy. Some people don’t want people to know there name with just a touch on the glasses. This is why google has announced 2 years later in January 2015 that they will not be producing the glasses anymore but they are still working on the process of that type of technology. Making a prototype like this means that in the near future it will be harder and harder to be private when everything is facial recognition and online accounts.

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