Week 1 Final Post

The video “I know what you did five minutes ago” shows how a almost anybody can literally go online and get most of your information. People don’t realize that your not only showing your information to the people you know, which is ok to a certain point, but what they don’t know is that ANYBODY can just log on Facebook and immediately get a lot of information about you. Whether it be where you went to high school or your phone number, people need to be very careful about putting their own information online, otherwise, there will be people out there that hack your account and it happens to a lot of us. We also need to be careful about what we post on there as well because everything from ten years ago will still be on Facebook or Twitter so anybody who is trying to hire you can easily look at your profile and easily change their opinion that they initially had about you. This has changed the way I have looked about posting personal information on social media.

The Guardian article was a very interesting one. It talked about the key points in how the internet isn’t a big deal as it used to be. The reason for that is because it has become such a normal thing in our daily lives that we have been accustomed to it. About 10 months ago, I still had the original razor from 2008. I had been annoying my parents for years about getting a smartphone and upgrading our plan, yet I was still ok with having one quite simply because I was used to it. Then December of last year rolls along and I get a brand new iPhone 6. Now if you asked me if I would go back to my razor phone, I would definitely say no. The reason for that again is because I have been accustomed and dependent on the way the iPhone works such as internet, snapchat, twitter and Facebook. The next thing you know we become as dependent on the internet like Estonia, and then everything gets hacked and we don’t have it anymore. What would we do? I think the real question is what wouldn’t we be able to do.

Michael Corey

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