Week 5 Initial Post

After reading the article about the language and thoughts of the Chinese Internet, it showed me   I think when the web was rising as fast as it was in China in the mid to late 2000’s, the government could not control how quickly things spread across the internet and it surprised them. They tried to put restrictions on there so nobody would find out about things but it didn’t work. Take the train incident for example, in 2011, due to a train accident, 40 people died and 200 had been injured and the Chinese government tried to hide it. This also had people that knew the truth go on a rampage and millions of people were making more and more blogs each day about how the government had buried the train cars in order to destroy the evidence. With this being said I think the government is obviously strong but in cases like these, its the people and internet that will figure out why people and their government is trying to hide these things.

Week 4 Final Post

How is gender blurred online? I think that people blur their own genders online because it helps them get closer to what they want. Take Manti T’eo for example, he thought his girlfriend was real online. Just because there are pictures of  girl doesn’t mean its actually her! They dated for over 2 years before she “died” and when he found out that she was never real and it was a guy behind the scenes doing it all along, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. So gender can easily be blurred online because people can really believe what you post. In my opinion, I do not think people should be blurring out their own gender. I do not care what gender people are and I think they should be proud of who are what they are and not try to hide it over the internet. That’s part of the problem with the internet and these fake identities. Nobody knows what to believe anymore, especially after the Manti T’eo incident.

Week 4 Initial Post

How does gender influence a person’s online identity? Obviously, there is a big difference between the way a male and female use their identity on social media websites. Whenever you create a profile for yourself, you usually have to give information about yourself. Things such as what you like, what you don’t like, what you like to do and so on and so forth. For guys, if you like nike shoes, there is a good chance your gonna see an add on the side for nike shoes. If your a girl, your most likely gonna like whatever is in style for that season and obviously there is going to be adds on the side and incentives to get you to buy the product. As far as the personal identity goes, I think people create fake profiles because they are interested in knowing what its like and how they feel about being opposite of what they are. Girls a lot of the time get harassed on social media a lot more than guys do, but guys tend to get in more fights over who is the better sports team and what not. So if there is a girl who has been harassed on social media and wants to change their online identity, why not change it to male? There would not be as much harassing and the girl doesn’t have to deal with liking sports if she doesn’t want too. It is something to seriously consider because nowadays your gender plays a big role in society.

Week 3 Final Post

Is ethnicity an advantage online? In my honest opinion, I do not think there is any advantage when your a different ethnicity online. However, if there is any advantage to it, I think it does help people connecting with others that have the same ethnicity. Some people are scared to tell people there ethnicity because they are afraid that people will make judge them harshly. That is one reason why people create fake identities online and is also why we have that problem of “don’t believe what you read on the internet.” The main reason that social media websites were created is so you could have your own identity and see others. Now that people are making fake identities it makes it harder for people to connect with the people they want to connect with so that is why I think it isn’t an advantage for people with different ethnicities.

Week 3 Initial Post

After reading the article What Trolls Can Teach Us About Race, I was very surprised about what some people do on the Internet. The fact that someone who is racist will get online and create a profile anonymously and pretend to be a different race of someone they actually hate is just mind boggling. Obviously, doing this is not acceptable, but if no ones knows what you are doing anonymously does that make it ok to some of these people? Is that why they do it? It is definitely a question we have to address to people who are secretly doing it. I think if people are going to have an online profile, they should give nothing but the truth about who they really are. Sooner or later there will be too many people on the internet with fake profiles just to troll people, making racist comments just to make people frustrated and mad. It is once again something that needs to be addressed.

Michael Corey

Week 2 Final Post

In the beginning of the first article Selling Your Self, it first summarizes how we create our own identities and who we are behind the computer. Whether your the type of person to tell the truth about your identity or we are just a hacker with a fake profile ready to get information about a certain person. That is why websites like amazon.com and eBay.com ask for your personal information when buying items off of their website. With some websites you might be a little skeptical of giving your card information to them just because they are not a “trusted” website people still go ahead and do it anyways because now the internet has become so much of what we do that we are too lazy to go out and buy it ourselves. It also means once we have created an identity online it is forever on there and will be with you not only on that specific website, but on other ones as well.

In the second article, it talks about the creation and ideas of social networking sites and how it grew to be as big as it is today. It tells us that even when your private and/or “friends only,” people can still get your information online. It then starts to talk about all of the websites before there was a Facebook or twitter and how they all had the ideas but failed. It was quite interesting to me because you would think the big social media networks today were the first networks out there but they weren’t! Now social media is a huge part in our society and it keeps growing. Whether people think its a good or bad thing for the world, it has helped us reach new levels of technology we never thought we could achieve.

The last article talked about how we have been painting a picture for ourselves even before social networking sites were created. Before social media was a thing it was just words and text and that was how people self-represented themselves. Today instead of spending hours painting a self portrait, we can take a selfie with just the click of a button and in just a matter of seconds you can post it online for hundreds of other people to see. It is quite mind blowing when you think of how easy it is to do these things now and that we can thank social media for.

Michael Corey


Week 2 Initial Post

If I were eighteen during the year 1705, one way I would try to create my identity and be well known within the community by traveling overseas by boat with a crew and supplies to help the people that had arrived in America only one hundred years before. Most likely I would be doing hard labor once I got there and would be hoping to be a farmer and create something so popular like John Rolfe and his tobacco. It would be very hard to create an identity when there is no form of quick communication besides just talking to someone.

One hundred years later if I was the same age, I would try to travel west to explore the land Thomas Jefferson purchased in the Louisiana Purchase. If not, I think I still would be doing hard labor working on farming and working in whatever the family business whether it was being blacksmith, farmer, or etc..

If I were eighteen in 1905 things would be a little bit different. How I would create my identity then would be working on the automobiles for Henry Ford on the assembly line. At this point and time technology was getting advanced with the inventions of cars, radio, etc.. It still would be hard to create one without the invention of social media, but there would be a quick form of communication because of the radio invention.

If I was the same age 10 years ago, I think creating an identity would be very similar to that of 2005. Facebook was just starting to get really popular as was myspace. So creating an identity then would be as simple as it is now by just logging on the website and creating an account. Now looking back and thinking that if I had actually been eighteen by in the time of 1705, 1805 and 1905 things would be a lot harder than they are today and for that I’m thankful!

Michael Corey

Week 1 Final Post

The video “I know what you did five minutes ago” shows how a almost anybody can literally go online and get most of your information. People don’t realize that your not only showing your information to the people you know, which is ok to a certain point, but what they don’t know is that ANYBODY can just log on Facebook and immediately get a lot of information about you. Whether it be where you went to high school or your phone number, people need to be very careful about putting their own information online, otherwise, there will be people out there that hack your account and it happens to a lot of us. We also need to be careful about what we post on there as well because everything from ten years ago will still be on Facebook or Twitter so anybody who is trying to hire you can easily look at your profile and easily change their opinion that they initially had about you. This has changed the way I have looked about posting personal information on social media.

The Guardian article was a very interesting one. It talked about the key points in how the internet isn’t a big deal as it used to be. The reason for that is because it has become such a normal thing in our daily lives that we have been accustomed to it. About 10 months ago, I still had the original razor from 2008. I had been annoying my parents for years about getting a smartphone and upgrading our plan, yet I was still ok with having one quite simply because I was used to it. Then December of last year rolls along and I get a brand new iPhone 6. Now if you asked me if I would go back to my razor phone, I would definitely say no. The reason for that again is because I have been accustomed and dependent on the way the iPhone works such as internet, snapchat, twitter and Facebook. The next thing you know we become as dependent on the internet like Estonia, and then everything gets hacked and we don’t have it anymore. What would we do? I think the real question is what wouldn’t we be able to do.

Michael Corey