Week 14 Initial Post

Believe it or not Justin Bieber started out as an internet celebrity. In his younger years he learned how to play multiple instruments. He would make covers of songs and his mother would post the songs on YouTube. As he became an internet sensation, celebrities and musicians began looking at him and were interested in signing Bieber. It was believed Justin Timberlake was outbid by Usher for the Bieber’s signature and was signed by RBMG. In 2010, he dropped his first album My World 2.0, which had a hit songs called “Baby” which is one of the few songs to have over a billions views on YouTube. In 2012, he had another album called Believe, which was also another big hit. Even when his first album came out he was one of the most popular celebrities of our generation. Recently, he dropped his album Purpose which has had a couple huge hits. Bieber has broken multiple records for number 1 singles for his age and there is no sign of him stopping anytime soon. It is crazy to think how the internet can change a persons life for good.

Week 13 Final Post

Does the deep web cause people to do bad things? I believe the use of it does cause people to do bad things. The reason for the deep web is because people want to sell things without the government behind their backs watching what they buy or sell. This maybe just because they don’t like it, but I know people who use it are using for illegal things such as drugs, guns and other dangerous items that cannot be sold on the regular internet. Now, obviously we can’t find out who, what and where people are buying these products from but thats why people use it. It is said that the deep web has 400 to 500 million more sites that the surface web which you would think most people use. I have never been on the deep web and probably will never need to, but it is a fascinating thing and now probably makes people curious as to what it is like. Like I said earlier, although it is a cool thing, it is not used appropriately and that is why it will cause people to do bad things. People are selling items that people can use to do bad things without anyone knowing.

Week 13 Initial Post

Have you ever experienced anonymity online? Have you ever been anonymous online, if so then how did it work out for you? I personally don’t have an anonymous account online nor have I ever experienced it. However, I do have two twitter accounts: one for my personal use and close friends and another specifically for soccer, tennis and other sports I play and are interested in. That account is not under my name, it is under my xbox username. I would not consider that anonymous although people don’t know who I am. I don’t hide it and if people wanted to know who I was I would gladly tell them. Other than that I have never created nor known what it feels like to be anonymous online.

Week 12 Final Post

Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor? I believe Edward Snowden is a traitor. He was the one who did not listen to the governments commands and broke there trust. Now, a lot of people believe he is a hero because he showed us what the government is doing to us behind our backs and not telling us, but I believe what we know cannot hurt us. Now that we do know, people hate the government and think they are invading our privacy, which they are. However, there is a reason why Edward Snowden is not allowed in the US for the rest of his life. He worked for the NSA and violated the Espionage Act while also being a theft of government property. Although he now lives in Russia, he gives interviews every now and then with reporters giving people tips on how to not leak their own private information to hackers. While he is trying to be a help and let people know that their information can be hacked anywhere or anytime without the correct security, he will always be remembers as a traitor to the NSA and the US Government.

Week 11 Initial Post

The Purge is a horror film that came out in 2013 and is based on what the world of crime will be like within 5 years of time when technology advances. The movie tells us that crime and unemployment is at an all time low. The reason for this is because there is one day in the year where there are no emergency services and everyone has two choices: they can go out and purge and do whatever they want or they can hide from other purgers that are very threatening to their own lives. Honestly, I don’t think in 5 years time the future will be exactly like this but I do believe that we will find a way to lower unemployment and reduce crime. Hopefully there will not be a day when all emergency services are not available but you never know what the future may hold. Whether or not this actually happens in the future, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we would all benefit from low unemployment and crime.

Week 10 Final Post

Google glass is a technology prototype that came out in January 2013. It is used to connect to the internet easily with voice communication and nothing else. It also can be used for facial recognition and figuring out who people are by just looking at them as the glasses do all of the work. You can get directions, take photos, check emails and social networking accounts. It can also direct you to the persons social network account using the facial recognition. While this technology may come in handy, people are really worried about their privacy. Some people don’t want people to know there name with just a touch on the glasses. This is why google has announced 2 years later in January 2015 that they will not be producing the glasses anymore but they are still working on the process of that type of technology. Making a prototype like this means that in the near future it will be harder and harder to be private when everything is facial recognition and online accounts.

Week 10 Initial Post

Who is more valuable in a social network, male users or women users? Women users are definitely more valuable to a social network because there are more women on the site than there are men. According to the chart in Neil Patel’s article, 76% of women are on social media compared to 72% of men. As for mobile usage, women almost double the men with 69% of women using social media on their phones and only 39% usage for men. It also states that men have more usage in business sites like LinkedIn, gmail, and youtube while women have more usage in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Women also have more than 100 posts per minute than men do. The more women there are on social media sites, the more advertising companies for women there are which is why they are more valuable to social media.

Source: http://www.quicksprout.com/2014/10/01/who-is-more-active-on-social-media-men-or-women/?display=wide

Week 9 Final Post

If I were to meet an untimely end, I would want to have all of my social media accounts deleted after my family has kept all of the photos, videos and posts in a file in the family computer they can look at whenever they want. After that, I would want them to create a memorial page for my death, where people can post the memories that they shared with me and celebrate the life I had, as I wouldn’t want people to be sad about my passing. I would want my family and close friends to still have the photos and videos in a file so they can still remember me by it. As for my email, there is really nothing special on it so I would like to have that deleted. All of this deleted by family of course. I wouldn’t want other people that I don’t know seeing my photos and videos. For my memorial page on Facebook I would want it to be run by my parents or brother. It doesn’t matter to me how long it is run for.

Week 9 Initial Post

I believe when someone passes away, their online identity or content should be determined by what his or her family thinks is best. Whether they keep the profile and leave it alone, create another profile for the memorial of the person who passed, or delete the account. I think there are two different versions of an online memorial. One is to obviously remember the day the person passed away and it is their for people to post how much they miss that person or even donate things to the family or to a group remembering them. Another way it could be read is that people think memorials should be in person and the people closest to the person who passed should be there in memory.

Week 6 Initial Post

Is twitter or Facebook making traditional advertising obsolete? Yes, I think that traditional advertising is becoming obsolete is because of social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. The main reason that traditional advertising isn’t as strong as it was is because sites like twitter and Facebook have millions of people that have created profiles and have what they like and don’t like and that is gold for businesses. I like soccer so a lot of times I get ads for cleats and soccer jerseys on the side of the page that catch my attention. Your more likely to have people click on side page ads when they say on their profile they like your business or products than making a commercial hoping your reaching people that like your products. Businesses now make so much more money due to the fact that they have ads for every single person on twitter or Facebook that likes soccer. As long as people have profiles and go on their social media websites as often as they do now, traditional advertising will never reach online advertising.